Top 10 Lists for 2011

Couple weeks into 2011 and yes the gym is still packed. Hopefully folks are reading The 4 Hour Body and getting to know their minimum effective dose. Speaking of MED, the end of a new year always brings lots of lists around what to plan for and expect in the coming year. I’ve collected several of the lists I’ve seen recently to help you out in getting some perspective. This list includes technology, strategy, social media, marketing and general business trends. Some good nuggets throughout.

I’ve actually got one thing that I was a little surprised to not see more of in these lists. One thing I’m really keeping an eye on is the emergence of the “social inbox”. We got a glimpse into the new Facebook email play at the end of the year. I really think this coming year will start to blur the line between email, direct messages, posts, etc. It comes down to the collection, management and distribution of messages across our networks of colleagues, friends and third-parties. This has potential for dramatic implications to email marketing as an even more “traditional” outlet than what it is today. My bonus insight for 2011, Facebook’s interface will go through several iterations as it tries to make it more usable and to say people will be more vocal about it is an understatement.

Have fun with these lists. I’ve added a little commentary to them. Please add additional ones you find in the comments below. Also, these are in no particular order of significance. SAI is a great resource to monitor trend on a daily basis to see what nets out.

Top 10 Lists for 2011:

  • Mary Meeker at Web 2.0 – Start here. Period. Mary is the best, an absolute ninja.
  • Five Trends to Keep an Eye on in the New Year from AdAge – Nice insight on evolving perspectives of brand and engagement.
  • 6 Predictions for Social Networks in 2011 from Mashable – Insights on some of the big names in social.
  • 2011 and beyond from JWT – Good stuff, similar tracks that what we’ve been seeing at Mad*Pow, especially with the psychology of gaming and hyper-personalization.
  • 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011 from TrendWatching – Urbanomics, Pricing Pandemonium and Wellthy, oh my.
  • 10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011 from ReadWriteWeb – Good perspective on technology and some bigger thinking, e.g shifting role of psychology of consumers, humans in general
  • 2011 trends: Mobile communication and ROI from ComMetrics – Apple + Verizon = Potential from trouble in Android land, that software pendulum will swing.
  • Top 5 Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch from Mashable – From back in late August but still good info. Of particular note will be the role of mobile web vs. app as more rich functionality makes it way to advanced browsers on phones.
  • Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011 from Gartner – Some no-brainers here, commentary on social analytics and context-aware computing is good.
  • The five hottest business technology trends to watch in 2011 from TechRepublic – Insights from my man Jason Hiner. Interesting points of view on the enterprise in 2011.
  • Best of CES from Engadget – Yes, the Motorola Atrix 4G looks like a sweet device. Good to see them bouncing back.